The Keeper

The Three Golden Calabashes:

Legendary Tales of the Descendants of Shaka….”It was said that Shaka Zulu had left behind 3 very important elements. His assegai (short spear), his shield and an arm band. It was said that who ever possessed these will have three times more power as Shaka. It is believed that they still exist, hidden beyond Lion’s head in crooked places where they are guarded by a mystical creature known as Omutakati. If you really want to take back what it yours  and you must find who you are”.

The Keeper

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 ” The Keeper”


I was visiting my uncle at the time. Words had licked that Mbufano is the current keeper of the descendent of Shaka prophecy. It was a cold winter’s night. We were sitting around at the fire with my uncle and other men. When this strange, but friendly man, appeared from nowhere and requested me from my uncle he saying that he needed my help. My uncle let me go which I found very weird. You see as young royal boys we were responsible for keeping the fire of the men alive. This symbolised us as the young generation who would later take their positions.  And our coal – spirits should be brighter that they were – both energetically and mentally. Ag. As a boy you believe anything they tell you, but later when I was older I’ve realised that it was only a way to keep us from finding the boredom in the routine activity.

But one things for sure the belief behind it was fulfilled. We did grow up to be more intelligent and skilful in all manner; comparing to our forefathers.

Now back to the story. I left with the strange man. He asked whether I believed in stories. I looked at him. I thought he was going to slap me – as my uncle did. Instead, he looked at me with eyes of fear. Despair and compassion asked once more. Do you believe in prophecies? I said yes.

The next question he asked me was, “Do you know the Legend of the descendants of Shaka? I said, “No”, with fear in my eyes. And once more he did not hit me. That was the best moments of my life. I answered and nothing bad happened. Only id I knew the terror that would follow after then.

As he was asking me questions. He was cooking. I found out quiet odd, and on top of that it was late in the night. He took the pot served and we ate first time seeing that was well. In those fays that was all women’s work. Nowadays it has changed of course.

While we ate he told me the Legend of the Descendant of Shaka.  Legend has it that Shaka was not able to kill all the maidens that he had slept with. One of them by the name Afikile. She was pregnant. Some of the Royals found out. In that time King Shaka had given out a decree to kill all the young boys fathered by him. He could not have a successor. One of which is famous was the son of … He is told of in the tales. The night they came for her. Her brothers protected her,  for she had six strong brothers, mighty men of value. She was able to escape to the mountains of Lebombo, and gave birth to a wonderful, strong, healthy baby boy. For years they keep his lineage a secret and lied that it was her husband’s child. Usually, in Africa we do not hide the real father of the child is. Taking children of other Omazimo or relative group is considered a taboo. And it is not practiced to avoid other demonic practices. Let’s not go into it.

But in this case, I think it was justifiable. As generations passed this lie became common that nobody asked questions and no one believed that a true descendant of Shaka existed. Unfortunately, blood is thicker that water and some things can not just be hidden. One of Afikile’s brothers pledged to be a keeper of the truth and in each generation they would choose a boy who would be following in his full steps – be the keeper of the truth and keep an eye on the activities of the boy in which his veins runs the descendant of Shaka. He would then keep records of any son born to him either in or out-of-wedlock. Before a keeper dies he would pass on the secrets and records to another and so on and so on.

After the death of Shaka it was said that –  Og!  nKhatele,  you feel sleepy. I will continue tomorrow.

-But uncle.

It is important nKhatele that you do not miss out on anything. In this Legend the details are most important. Go and sleep and we will continue next time.

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